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Hayabusa thai boxing gloves

Hayabusa Boxing Gloves Review: Outstanding Protection and Not Interfering with Movement and Offering Extraordinary Support (My Review)

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Why Hayabusa Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai Are So Revolutionary…

The Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves are so revolutionary because they provide outstanding protection to your hands.

hayabusa boxing gloves reviewOne thing that any fighter or trainer knows is that without the right set of gloves, after some time, you can really damage your hands.

But these boxing gloves are proven to show your hands the respect you deserve so that you can go back to doing what you normally do after your workout pain-free!

These gloves are for beginners and Muay Thai Boxing Enthusiasts! 

They address the main problem with gloves today…

….Comfortability and Protection

These Thai Boxing Gloves Do Not Limit Movement!

These punching gloves actually become a part of you.

Research has shown that many people forget that they even have them on when training, which is a great feeling to have when you are punching away at a bag. Comfortability is paramount when using gloves.

You do not want unnecessary pain when you are grinding away at a set.

SweatX Thumb Sleeve is a Remarkable Feature That Sets these Glove Apart from the Rest!

This innovative feature is a microfiber suede material that is specifically designed to handle sweat and perspiration during training.

Because of where the thumb is located in the glove, the position of it eliminated the strain that is common to other gloves. 

hayabusa mma

Avoid CMC (carpometacarpal) Strain with Dual-X Wrist Closure

If you have been sparring or boxing for any length of time, you are well aware of the pain associated with your wrist when you strike constantly.

I remember when I first started, I had an issue with wrist pain after my first session (hurt so much, I almost quit!), however, after my wrists got stronger, it no longer became an issue. So I kept grinding away at it and it worked out.

I would want no one to have to go through that same experience. With Dual-X Wrist Closure that the Hayabusa boxing gloves provide will help you to avoid the pains that are associated with it or at least greatly diminish it.

In fact, Hayabusa boasts that your wrist will be in 99.7% perfect alignment!

These pro boxing gloves have been tested over and over again using axial pressure sensors. These sensors help define what is needed to guard against harmful and/or unnatural extension, flexing, and twisting of the wrist. 

You will thank me later.

It’s Official, Your Hands Will Thank You for these Pro Boxing Gloves!

Understandably, most fighters that are getting into Muay Thai Boxing, going to the gym 4-5 times a week is normal. So you will be spending a lot of time on the heavy bag.

Many wearers of these Muay Thai boxing gloves have reported that the Hayabusa Boxing Gloves have an inner fabric called X-Static XT2.

It is a silver-ion, anti-microbial technology. In laymen’s terms, it will help guard against bad smells.hayabusa boxing gloves review

The mesh also proves ventilation and breathability as well as thermo-regulating support. Be sure to be surprised when you slip your hands into these babies.

What Others are Saying About the Hayabusa Boxing Gloves…

“The gloves are very great quality, durable and very comfortable, as are the shin pads. The package arrived in a very timely fashion and all items were packed very nicely. I’m very satisfied with this purchase and recommend these items and this company for anyone looking to get a great deal and a quality shopping experience.”  – Steven

“These gloves are amazing. I am 6’4″ 200 pounds with very large hands and found these gloves to be a bit snug with wraps on at first. However, after breaking them in they feel great. I tried the 16oz+ gloves (for larger hands) and found the hand compartment to be too wide. All in all a high-quality glove: great stitching, wrist support, and build quality. It’s worth the extra money to invest in good gloves.”Elijah

“Fits perfectly and feels super nice, quality material and nice styling. I can rank this pair on top of all the gloves I used for the past years.”Saleh

thai boxing gloves

Final Verdict: Are the Hayabusa Boxing Gloves Worth the cost?

Answer: Yes!

When it gets right down to it:

  1. They are comfortable…
  2. Provides protection to your hand and wrists…
  3. Durable…
  4. Made with cutting-edge materials…
  5. Stylish…

Whether this is your 2nd or 3rd pair of gloves, or your very first, The Hayabusa Regenesis Boxing Gloves prove time and time again that what you are doing is the right call for your health and safety.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

You can skimp on the short, you can skimp on the shin guards.

Do Not skimp on your gloves. They encase 2 of the things that will make you money from now on, your hands.

Available Now! You can get these great Thai Boxing Gloves with free shipping!

You are just days away from having these puppies in your hands and taking on the bag with confidence and safety. Click the link below or any links on the page.

Hayabusa Boxing Glove F.A.Q.

Q: Where to buy these Muay Thai Gloves?

A: You can get them directly from Amazon.com using this link.

Q: How to clean Hayabusa Boxing Gloves? 

A: The soft leather of the gloves are in many ways better because you can use regular Lysol or baby wipes to wipe them down.

Q: Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Gloves

A: Yes! The gloves come in multiple sizes. Depending on your hand size, you can choose the gloves that best work for you.

To your health,